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lycon waxing at Beyond Beauty

Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm. Lycon Hot Waxes are a low temperature formula; they are perfect for short, stubborn hair on any part of the face and body and are very pliable and painless for most. Our therapists are trained to the highest standards and will ensure they provide you with a hygienic, fast, effective and virtually pain free treatment.

Lycon waxing menu Price
Lycon Upper Lip or Chin £7.00
Lycon Bikini from £15.00
Lycon Eyebrow £8.00
Lycon Underarm £15.00
Lycon Half Leg £20.00
Lycon Half Leg & Bikini £28.00
Lycon Full Leg £30.00
Lycon Full Leg & Bikini £38.00
Lycon Thong Wax £20.00
Lycon Brazilian Wax £28.00
Lycon Hollywood Wax £30.00
Lycon Arm £12.00
Lycon Full arm £20.00
Lycon Nasal Waxing £8.00
Lycon Ear Waxing £8.00
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Threading is a method of hair removal in which unwanted hairs are plucked out by using a twisted cotton thread. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short lines of hair. Threading allows for a more defined and precise shape and can create better definition for eyebrows. As the hair is removed by the follicle it is a reasonably long-lasting hair removal technique.

threading Price
Face £12.00
Lip & Chin £10.00


Introducing Skin Candy. Skin Candy sugaring hair removal products use natural ingredients that do not iritate or cause allergies. We can sugar your facial hairs away getting rid of fluffy, downy hair gently and quickly with less pain. We can assure you that once you have moved over to Skin Candy there is no going back to facial waxing or threading.

Sugaring Price
From £8.00

Laser Hair Removal - Venus Versa Concept

Fast and effective hair removal using our latest technology. We can achieve optimal results in permanent hair growth reduction on sensitive areas, This is a great option for men seeking hair removal on large areas like chest, stomach or back. Ultra-fast and comfortable treatments that permanently reduce hair growth on common treatment areas like the legs. Come in for your free consultation today.

Laser Hair Removal Duration Price
Upper Lip 20mins £35.00
Chin 20mins £35.00
Chin/Jowl/Cheeks 20mins £50.00
Hairline 30mins £50.00
Neck 20mins £70.00
Full Face 45mins £150.00
Full Face (including Neck) 1 Hr £180.00
Centre Brow 15mins £35.00
Sideburns 30mins £65.00
Hands and fingers 30mins £50.00
Underarms 30mins £70.00
Half Arms 30mins £130.00
Full Arms 30mins £180.00
Areola 30mins £60.00
Full Breast 30mins £90.00
Stomach Centre Line 30mins £65.00
1/2 Front or Back 30mins £130.00
Full Front or Back 45mins £200.00


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