Party Season

We offer plenty of quick treatments to get you looking gorgeous for the party season.

Silk express lashes

This express treatment is individual and bespoke to each client needs. If your looking for a natural or full glamour we can create a tailored look for you.

BDB Brows

Billion Dollar Brow's are a brow designing treatment. We measure your facial features to give you the perfect shape. Brow mapping, no guess work involved!!!

Sienna spray Tanning

If you have never had a spray tan, now is the time to give it a go! If your keen to reveal a little more in your party frock this season then Sienna gives a even beautiful tan with no streaking. Even better during December they are only £15. So go on boost your body confidence and feel super sexy!!

Gel Polish

Gel polishes are party perfect because you can go as sparkling as you dare. Also, it drys instantly, so no need to wait around.

Winter tips for your skin

Your skin not only comes under stress during the summer months. The winter can cause havoc making it dry, flaky even in severe cases, cracking the skin. Your normal moisturiser may have worked well during the summer months but as soon as the temperature changes so should your skincare. Use oil based rather than water based to create a protective layer. Hydrate and protect, that's the key to keeping skin healthy during the winter months. Crystal Clear's protect and repair contain Thermophilus cement and Tinosorb, two highly effective UVA and UVB filters and potent anti-oxidants to prevent UV and radiation damage. It also has Lupine extract to prove that dehydration and vitamin e to protect from environmental damage.



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