getting ready for the summer sun!

So, hopefully summer is on its way and that means holidays and being outdoors after a long winter. Here at Beyond Beauty we are thinking about how to make the best of ourselves so we can happily bare our flesh for summer!

Summer Hair

Let’s start at the top, we all know how the hot summer sun is harmful to our skin but what about our hair? The sun’s harmful rays can wreak havoc with our hair as can chlorinated water in swimming pools. We recommend always using a conditioner to add moisture and It’s always good to keep your hair regularly trimmed to avoid split ends. There are many excellent leave in products on the market to protect your hair from UV rays which is useful for condition but also for prolonging and protecting colour if you have tint on your hair.

Summer Skin

To keep your skin looking its best we would recommend always using a factor 15-40 sunscreen when outside in the sun, we all know how harmful UV rays are to our skin and prevention is always better than cure! Regular use of the correct moisturiser for your skin type and an appropriate skincare regime is an absolute must and we can help you select the correct products for your skin type in the salon should you need any help.  

Natural Beauty

We generally wear less make up in the warmer months but of course we still want to look our best!  We would probably all agree that eyebrows and eyelashes are the main things we want to look right when we are out and about, and if those are OK then we can go au natural with the rest of our look! Our choice for brows at Beyond Beauty is Billion Dollar Brows, the ultimate in precision brows and we are able to tailor your brows to enhance and suit your face shape.

Eyelashes, the choices are endless. But one thing we would all agree on is that mascara is not always the best option in summertime! If it’s hot and humid or you are in and out of the pool you don’t want to end up with black eyes. So what would we recommend? We have a number of different lash extensions available and which one you choose will depend on what your natural lashes are like and which look you are aiming for, the girls in the salon will be able to guide you in the right direction to suit your lashes and individual needs.

Alternatively, we offer LVL Lashes, this is a semi-permanent lift to your lashes. Almost like a perm! Your lashes are straightened at the root which makes then curl upwards and are then tinted which therefore makes them look longer and fuller. This is a great product which lasts for an amazing 8-12 weeks.

Summer Legs

Finally, we don’t want any unwanted hair on our summer bodies! The number one choice for precision waxing at Beyond Beauty is Lycon. We have a great selection of pre and post waxing lotions to ensure great results and smooth skin but on top of that we can now wax hair as short as 1mm long! You haven’t heard the best bit yet….. Lycon is virtually pain free!! That’s a win win in our book!

Fabulous Flip Flop Feet

We are now at the bottom! Feet. Our feet are probably the most neglected part of our bodies and we should probably all take more care of them!! Flip Flop Feet, easy for you to say! How about a callous peel and a shellac polish on your toe nails and you will be good to go for summer. Nothing looks more classy than beautifully painted toe nails and smooth feet, there are various options in the salon so feel free to call or ask in the salon if you would like any more information or help with your summer beauty regime.

Here’s to a long, sunny, hot summer! XOXO



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