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The Beyond Beauty Aesthetic & Beauty Clinic Training Academy

Founder and Beyond Beauty Training Academy's Master Trainer, Louise Hatherley been involved in the beauty industry for 15 years and 10 of which have been owning her own salon Beyond Beauty. Louise has now become a Master Beauty Trainer, fully qualified to deliver beauty treatment courses for anyone wishing to become qualified to offer treatments or upskill within their own salon.

"I attended a lash lift training course today, and from the second I walked in Louise made me feel completely at ease. I genuinely feel 100% confident in this treatment, and that is purely down to Louise's professional and helpful manner. I highly recommend her as a therapist and tutor and I promise I'll be returning for more courses in the future! Thank you again Louise"

Gemma Higgins

Beyond Beauty Training courses

Facial waxing mask course

Full face waxing mask removes all the hairs on the face from the root so no stubble like shaving or blading.

Full Face Waxing Mask Course £150 per person

Brow Lamination Course

Eyebrow Lamination will help give you a uniform, full eyebrow shape. This is the ultimate solution for eyebrows that are not a pair. With lamination we can change the brows in such a way to give them the desired shape you want and a fuller look. The protein, Keratin composition, conditions and encourages brow growth and thickens each brow by 24%. Also, it will give a well groomed brow for up to 2 months.

Training available in this amazing new treatment, fully accredited ABT course.

Brow Lamination Course £250 per person

Meso Lip Treatment Course

This amazing new treatment involves small microinjections (microchanneling) of hyaluronic acid into the body of the lip to increase hydration and give a subtle, natural volume increase that can be seen immediately after just one treatment A pain free treatment and very low risk due to the pure ingredients used.

Meso Lip Course £350 per person

Threading Course

Threading is healthier for the skin than waxing and creates no ingrowing hairs. It's inexpensive, fast and great for clients with sensitive skin. It's good for facial and brow hair, giving a perfect line on high definition brows.

Threading Course £95 per person

Micro-Channeling / Micro-Needling Course

Micro-channeling produces a controlled skin trauma creating hundreds of tiny holes in the skin surface to stimulate the dermal layer where fibroblast stimulation is need to induce collagen. The pathways created in the skin can be used to push powerful active ingredients into the lower layers to rejuvenate from the inside out.

Micro-Channeling / Micro-Needling Course £350 per person

Chemical Peel Course

A chemical facial peel is a procedure designed to smooth the surface of the skin and improve its overall look by removing the dead skin cells of the face. After the chemical peel treatment, the face looks fresher and smoother because the new skin is exposed. Chemical peels for face, range from light to deep, depending on the skin type. In order to offer chemical peels you have to be level 3 trained in beauty or above.

Chemical Peel Course £180 per person

Classic Lash Course

Louise at Beyond Beauty Training has been trained in lash extensions since 2006. Her love of lashes started with Nouveau lashes in London and has since grown to include many different lash styles, including volume, SVS and express. Our classic lash course is a great starting block. The course includes lash mapping, isolation and capping, all of which are basic technique’s in producing beautiful, long lasting lashes.

Classic Lash Course £180 per person


The lash lift is a extremely popular treatment and the demand for this treatment continues to grow. Louise trained with LVL in 2006 and with her 10 years experience will provide you with all her knowledge and tips from those years. Offering the lash lift to clients will provide you with a superb income. Here at Beyond Beauty we charge £46.50 for this treatment and it take just under a hour.

Lash Lift Course £140 per person


Brows are now a very popular treatment in salons. Long gone are the days when a quick wax was enough. Louise trained in Billion Dollar Brows over 7 years ago. Now with all her years experience she brings you Beyond Beauty Brow Freestyle, the very best in freestyle brow artisty. Here at Beyond Beauty we charge £20 for free style brows which takes around half hour to complete once your skills have developed. You will leave your training day knowing how to create precision brows.

BB Brow Freestyle Course £150 per person

Henna Brow training Course

The biggest thing about using Henna on brows is it stains the skin as well as the hair. This not only will last up 4 weeks but gives the look of a well groomed powdered brow without having to put makeup on. Our range which is the purest Henna direct from India comes in 7 shades and has no yellow or orange undertones like old Hennas. We are very excited about bringing you Henna brows, this is a new era in brow design.

Henna Course £250 per person

Advanced precision ladies waxing Course

Our precision waxing course will give you a certificate in advanced waxing( Brazilian and Hollywood) louise trained with Lycon over 5 years ago. Lycon pride themselves on giving the client as pain free as possible treatment and I will pass all my knowledge and experience on to you. This course will teach you hot wax precision waxing. I do not use or teach strip- wax for Brazilians or hollywoods, it's far to pain for the client!

Advanced Precision Ladies Waxing Course £150 per person
4T Medical Approved Training Provider


If you are interested in any of the courses we offer or have any questions at all, please do contact us on 01752 261662.


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Training courses in beauty treatments.

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